Music of Super Mario Bros. 2 Set to Drums

I’ve got another video to share with the thousands of you out there that read this blog.  This video showcases a pretty talended dude playing drums to the songs from Super Mario Bros. 2.

He has other videos on Youtube, including a pretty cool take on the MacGyver theme song.  The best part of MacGyver theme songs comes at about 1:07 into the video.  Enjoy.


Video from my youth

This is a video of the gospel group Brush Arbor singing their song titled “Brush Arbor Meeting”.  This group came to our church when I was probably 8 or 10 years old and this is one of the songs I remember best.  I found this video and thought I’d share it.  My parents and brothers will probably appreciate it.

Blackbird by Alter Bridge – cool live version

Blackbird is a great song on the latest Alter Bridge CD, and this is a really cool video of Myles playing an expanded solo.  The video doesn’t show the whole song, and Myles was sick so his voice wasn’t great, but the key here is the guitar solo.  If you are a fan of the song, then you’ll appreciate this longer variation.

Another video for your viewing pleasure – Kitchen Diaries

Here’s another video, like the Lasse Gjertsen one I previously posted, that is very unique and quite addicting.  I’ve probably watched this one a dozen times.  This video features Beardyman, a beatboxing champion from the UK, with his own unique beat box presentation.  This is very cool, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Amateur by Lasse Gjertsen – Another must see video

My brother brought this video to my attention, and I can’t get the tune/beat out of my mind. In the video, Gjertsen just edits together a bunch of single drum beats and notes on the piano into a really cool sounding song. And keep in mind while you watch that he doesn’t know how to play the piano or the drums. This is my current favorite youtube video.

Is this the funniest video ever? OJ Simpson gets pranked!

OJ Simpson recently agreed to an online interview with Market News First ( that would involve him fielding live calls. As you might expect, there were a few jokers that took advantage of the opportunity. The first two calls are really genius. My favorite is the second one. Enjoy the hilarity!