Emmy Nominations are in – What were they thinking?

Surprise, surprise, The Sopranos leads the way with 15 nominations, including one for outstanding drama series. It seems like they always lead the way when they are eligible. I don’t think there’s really anything to say about that, so let’s take a look at some of the other nominees in the drama categories…

Outstanding Drama Series

  1. The Sopranos
  2. Boston Legal
  3. Grey’s Anatomy
  4. Heroes
  5. House

Admittedly, I don’t watch all of these. I watch Heroes, House, and Grey’s Anatomy. I just want to know how Lost didn’t get nominated for the best drama category. Now, I love Heroes, but it really ended with a whimper. The show started off really, really strong and got better as the season went along. I thought they did a great job of connecting all of the characters, and the season seamed to really be building towards a great confrontation between Peter and Sylar, but we all know how that ended up. The last two or three episodes were just plain weak. You can find a great analysis on the Heroes finale over at Media Maven Musings.

Lost, on the other hand, had a bit of an opposite arc to its season. It started off a little slowly, but by mid season things were really humming along. And the last month or so was, in my opinion, possibly the best month a TV show has ever strung together. There were great performances by the actors, great tension, and there were some of the best shocking moments we’ve seen on Lost. The writers of Lost are the best in the biz, the acting is great, and they have great production value. What more could they have done to garner a nomination?

I don’t want to sound like a Heroes hater, because I really like the show. I just don’t see how someone could objectively watch Heroes and Lost last season, and come away thinking that Heroes had a better season. It makes me think that some of the voters just simply aren’t watching all of the episodes for the major contenders. Hey, if it was up to me, they both would have made the list.

Lead Actor in a Drama Series

  1. Hugh Laurie, House (Fox)
  2. Denis Leary, Rescue Me (FX)
  3. James Spader, Boston Legal (Fox)
  4. Keifer Sutherland, 24 (Fox)
  5. James Gandolfini, The Sopranos (HBO)

Just a couple of thoughts here. First of all, I’m glad to see that the voters are still willing to give Keifer a nod, even though season six of 24 was widely criticized. Regardless of how good (or not so good in this case) 24 was, Keifer is still great as Jack Bauer. Second, I’ve heard a lot of people are upset that Matthew Fox didn’t get nominated for his role in Lost. I think he was good, but I don’t think he was so good that he should have been guaranteed a spot on this list. Just goes to show that being able to cry on camera doesn’t equal an automatic nomination.

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

  1. Rachel Griffiths, Brothers & Sisters (ABC)
  2. Katherine Heigl, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
  3. Chandra Wilson, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
  4. Sandra Oh, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
  5. Aida Turturro, The Sopranos (HBO)
  6. Lorraine Bracco, The Sopranos (HBO)

Maybe its just me, but is Grey’s Anatomy overrated? Maybe its just the over the top, excessive, emotional, never-ending drama. I swear every character on the show is either a drama queen or is a whiny baby. I’m convinced that Sandra Oh’s character has a permanent case of PMS. The same could be said for about 2/3 of the characters, including the guys. Of course, if they perform that role well, then why not nominate them. The only beef I have with this category is that Elizabeth Mitchell of Lost was overlooked.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

  1. William Shatner, Boston Legal (ABC)
  2. T.R. Knight, Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
  3. Masi Oka, Heroes (NBC)
  4. Michael Emerson, Lost (ABC)
  5. Terry O’Quinn, Lost (ABC)
  6. Michael Imperioli, The Sopranos (HBO)

No complaints here. Knight, Oka, Emerson, and O’Quinn are all deserving, and Michael Imperioli is deserving for no other reason than he has a cool last name. I’m really pulling for Michael Emerson in this category. His portrayal of Ben on Lost was spot on.

That’s about where my interest in the Emmy’s ends. But be sure and check back soon. You don’t want to miss my in depth analysis of the “Hairstyling for a miniseries, movie, or a special” category… or maybe not. If you want to see a full list of nominees, check out this list on Yahoo! TV.


JJ Abrams’ Cloverfield info is scant, but rumors abound…

The movie websites and blogs are abuzz with talk of the “Cloverfield” trailer that is attached to Transformers. There is very little to no official information on this movie coming from Paramount or any other official source, but there is lots of speculation of the unofficial variety. Here’s what we know (or at least think we know):

  • Produced by JJ Abrams
  • Directed by Matt Reeves
  • Written by Drew Goddard
  • Release date of 1/18/08 (or maybe not…see below)
  • Shot using handheld cameras (think The Blair Witch Project)
  • The movie is code-named Cloverfield
  • New York City appears to be getting blown to bits (reminiscent of Independence Day)
  • There’s also something code-named “the parasite” (maybe the monster?)

There’s now an official website up – www.1-18-08.com. The website gives you no new info really. It’s just a photo of two faces looking up at something, maybe the monster, with a date stamp at the bottom right of the photo of 1/18/08. So does the movie actually come out on 1/18/08? Or is that just the date that the mayhem happens in the movie itself? Perhaps the movie will be released at a later date, like summer 2008. It sure does look like a big summer blockbuster.

There are also lots of theories about what the movie will be about. Some that I’ve read are:

  • Godzilla – I’ve read that JJ Abrams is a big fan of Godzilla, but apparently the rights to Godzilla are owned by another company, and there is already a Godzilla project in the works.
  • Voltron – This would make sense since the preview is being shown with Transformers, but it seems that a different company owns the rights to this movie as well.
  • Lost – JJ Abrams is the producer of the TV series Lost, and season four of Lost will start just a couple of weeks after 1/18/08. The loud noise that accompanies the explosion also sounds an awful lot like the smoke monster in Lost. Could there be a Lost movie? I doubt it during the middle of the series, but who knows. Maybe it’s some sort of intricate promo for Lost.
  • Remake of The Host – This was a Japanese monster movie that came out last year I think. Seems a little quick to be remaking that movie.

There is also no indication that principle photography has even started on this film, so it would seem difficult to release a big action movie within six months when production has barely started. Maybe 1/18/08 is when the next trailer will be released.

We know that JJ Abrams is very creative, and is very capable of stringing us long by revealing little bits of info (see Lost). I don’t think anyone knows what this will ultimately turn into, but it’ll be interesting to find out. Check out this slashfilm.com post for more info.

Did you see the JJ Abrams movie trailer before Transformers?

I have to admit, I’m a fan of movie trailers. I always look forward to the previews you have to watch before the movie starts at the theater. I think I may have just seen one of the best ever. Going to Transformers, I figured there would be a bunch of previews for action movies. Instead, we got trailers for all comedies like “Hot Rod” and “The Simpsons Movie”. That is, until the last one showed up. It was one of the most genius trailers I’ve ever seen. There’s no sense in explaining the trailer in detail, but if you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about. The fascinating thing is that they don’t give you a movie title, or really tell you anything about the plot at all. All you know is that New York City is getting seriously messed up and all heck is breaking loose. At the end they flash on the screen “From producer J.J. Abrams” and that it opens on 1/18/08. Very little info is given, just enough to pique your interest. Genius marketing if you ask me.

Apparently, the movie is code named “Cloverfield”, and it is some kind of monster flick. The moster is being reffered to as “The Parasite”, although, based on the explosions in the trailer, I don’t see how it is about an actual parasite. Probably just a code name like the the title Cloverfield. Unfortunately, the only way to view the trailer right now is on video sharing sites, and that’s just with someone using a video camera in the theater so the quality is poor. You can check that out here. For more info on the film itself, this website seems to have some good info. I really have no idea what the movie will ultimately be about, but I can tell you that there’s about a 99% chance that I’ll be seeing it in the theater when it comes out. Props to JJ Abrams and Paramount for doing something unique and creating some real buzz. Oh, and by the way, Transformers was really good. Best movie I’ve seen in a while.

Links for Lost Junkies

Season 3 of Lost is now over and we’ve got a long wait for season 4, so I thought I’d share a few of the best blogs and articles that I’ve found on the season that just ended.

The Scramble Network blog has a couple of good posts (post #1, post #2) with some thoughts and predictions on Lost as well as a few links to other good Lost websites.

Here’s a Lost blog on the USA Today website with a compilation of some of the best thoughts, theories and observations that fans had on the season finale.  Some pretty insteresting stuff here.

Media Maven Musings is a very good blog on entertainment, and he has a very good post on the finale, and the greatness of Lost in general.

If you really want to go crazy, then you can jump on the Dark UFO Lost website and browse around the different tabs for hours.  They’ve got really good episode recaps, tons of theories, screencaps, etc.  This is one of the most in depth Lost websites I’ve found.

Thoughts on the Lost Season Finale: Through the Looking Glass

I’m a few days late getting this post up, but there was so much to process in the 2-hour finale, that I couldn’t summon the energy to think through it all.  I think I’ve finally got my mind around the episode, so I’ll just comment on some of the most interesting and important parts of the episode. 

Flash forwards – Well, the producers of the show promised a big change in the season finale, and I guess this was it.  Instead of the flashbacks giving us a glimpse of a characters past, in this case they were showing us the future.  I never caught on, but I kept asking myself “when was Jack this messed up?”  Even when Kate showed up at the end, I didn’t immediately realize that we were looking at the future.  Now, the question is, will the flash forwards be the norm next season?  Or maybe next season, they will focus on the present, and flash back to the island?  Or maybe the flash forwards are just one potential version of the future depending on what choices are made on the island.  I’ve got to think that the happenings on the island will still be the main focus, since their are still tons of questions to be answered.

Jack goes to funeral of an unknown person – This happened during his flash forward.  He went to the funeral of an unidentified person at the Hoffs/Drawlar funeral parlor (Hoffs/Drawlar is an anagram for “flash forward” by the way).  Jack is the only person that shows up and the guy working at the parlor asks if Jack was a friend or family?  Jack said neither.  So the question is, who is in the casket?  Could it be Ben, Locke, Walt or Michael?  Or maybe its someone we haven’t met yet.

Jack references his dad being alive still – Towards the end of the episode, in the flash forward, Jack is confronted about being drunk or on drugs, and he tells them to go get his dad and see if he is any worse than him.  Of course, we know that Jack’s dad is dead, that is why he was on the plane that crashed.  Either something has changed the past/future and his dad is still alive, or Jack is just really wasted.  I’d lean towards thinking that Jack is just losing it.

Jack meets Kate at the end – Obviously, they both get off island.  The first question I’ve got is, why is Kate not in jail?  Kate also said something about needing to get back so “he” doesn’t worry.  I wonder who she was referring to.  Maybe she’s with Sawyer in the future?

Jack is searching for the island so he can return –  Would he not know where the island was if they were rescued?  Maybe they get taken off the island by the people on the boat offshore, and they aren’t ever allowed to know exactly where they were.  Perhaps these new people, or Dharma, reinstate the measures that were used to hide the island from the outside world.

Charlie dies – Charlie was never my favorite, but it was kinda sad to see him go.  It seems like he could have just locked the door from the outside, or at least tried to squeeze through the window after the room flooded.  I guess he thought that he had to die for Claire and her kiddo to get off the island.  Also, how is it that Penny was able to communicate through The Looking Glass computers?  Could be that her family is part of the original Dharma initiative.  At least Charlie was able to let Desmond know that the boat was not Penny’s.

Locke kills Naomi – He hasn’t been willing to kill up to this point.  Why the change?  It seems that he is much more in tune with the island or with Jacob or with whatever the power of the island is.  Either he is doing the bidding of Jacob or the island, or he is just desperate to stay on the island due to its healing properties.  I think there’s definitely more to it than him just wanting to be able to walk.

No sign of Jacob yet, unless Walt was Jacob…. – Walt made an appearance, although he looks more like an NBA power forward now.  I don’t know if it was the real Walt.  Maybe it was Jacob or the smoke monster in disguise.

Who is on the boat that Jack called? – Are they really the bad guys like Ben said?  Or did Ben just say that to try and keep the island secret?  Could be that season 4 is very much about this new group of people who are about to come to the island.

There was other good stuff this episode like Hurley saving the day with the van, Sawyer shooting Tom in semi-cold blood, and Mikhail once again recovering from a crazy injury.  I wonder if the grenade finally did the trick?

Carlton Cuse on Season 4 of Lost

Carlton Cuse, executive producer of Lost, has revealed just a bit of what we will see next season on Lost.  You might remember the four-toed statue from the finale of season 2.  We are supposed to get more info on that mystery next season.  More importantly, Cuse says “There will definitely be a lot more of Jacob in Season 4.”  Too bad we have to wait until next February to see any of it….

The Best Television Shows of 2006-07

The guys at Yahoo! TV have put together their list of the top 15 shows of this past season.  I don’t watch a lot of these shows, but I always enjoy a good “best of” list.  My top 3 shows for this season are:

  1. Lost – The first half of this season was certainly not up to Lost standards, but they’ve gone and totally redeemed themselves the last couple of months.  The interaction between Locke and Ben, Sawyer and daddy, and of course the Jacob episode have helped bring Lost back to level where it needs to be.  Maybe the most popular show ever with such a large cult following.
  2. Heroes – Without a doubt, this is my favorite new TV show.  It takes a bit of a page out of the Lost playbook by trying to make you solve the mysteries of the show.  The biggest difference is that Heroes moves at a faster pace, giving us more substantial answers as we go along, and basically resolving everything by the end of the season.  Of course, they throw some cliffhangers in there at the end to try and bring us back next year, and yes, I’ll be back.
  3. 24– In my opinion, season 6 was the worst season of 24 yet.  Even with that being the case, its still one of the only shows that I won’t miss.  Jack Bauer is definitely one of my favorite characters ever.  Let’s hope the show’s writers follow through with their promise to give Jack a change of scenery for next season.