Music of Super Mario Bros. 2 Set to Drums

I’ve got another video to share with the thousands of you out there that read this blog.  This video showcases a pretty talended dude playing drums to the songs from Super Mario Bros. 2.

He has other videos on Youtube, including a pretty cool take on the MacGyver theme song.  The best part of MacGyver theme songs comes at about 1:07 into the video.  Enjoy.


4 Responses to “Music of Super Mario Bros. 2 Set to Drums”

  1. Willie Bangg Says:

    Dude your increadible!!!

    I would love to collaborate with you on a track. I am a Maryland Hip Hop music producer on the rise.

    Your skills are amazing. I don’t have a budget but I do have keyboard skills of my own and a good ear for talent.

    Check out my music site – or look for me on Youtube (search Willie Bangg) for more about me.

    If your interested in creating some dope music, holla at me via email –

    Thanks in advance, man!!!!

  2. djandy4000 Says:

    hmm, well even though i sincerely doubt that this is you playing, nonetheless i appreciate your featuring it. whomever the dude is his kills are pretty undeniable.

  3. few4th Says:

    No, this is not me playing. Just found his videos and thought I’d post one of them.

  4. bw64 Says:

    But don’t let few4th fool you: The superman emblem next to his name is no accident. If his drumming on the steering wheel is any indication of his skills, few4th would truly excel.

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