Video from my youth

This is a video of the gospel group Brush Arbor singing their song titled “Brush Arbor Meeting”.  This group came to our church when I was probably 8 or 10 years old and this is one of the songs I remember best.  I found this video and thought I’d share it.  My parents and brothers will probably appreciate it.


3 Responses to “Video from my youth”

  1. Mum and Dad Says:

    We sure do remember Brush Arbor. Weren’t they great?? Wonder if they still perform?
    Love, mum and dad

  2. bw64 Says:

    I can still remember playing in sync to these songs in the living room with our homemade guitars: a tennis racket (guitar), a string of yarn (guitar strap), and a washrag (padding for my neck when the yarn dug into my skin after a while). Ah, those were the days of REAL music!

  3. james kahelin Says:

    try KSON web site in san diego for info

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