New Alter Bridge Video

Alter Bridge has a new video for the first song off their new album, Blackbird.  The song is called Ties That Bind, and it rocks, as does the rest of the cd.  For those of you who are not familiar with Alter Bridge, I can’t recommend them highly enough.  The best rock band around today.  Oh yeah, and I was at the concert where they filmed this video, along with my brother and Brett.

I’m not able to embed the video, so check out the video using this link.


3 Responses to “New Alter Bridge Video”

  1. bw64 Says:

    This man is not lying. Alter Bridge will go down as one of the greatest rock bands in history (even if no one knows it)! Buy “Blackbird” and you will not be disappointed.

  2. AlterBridge: The Best Current Rock Band on the Planet « Brett’s Blog Says:

    […] to my buddy Frank, I’ve seen the light with AlterBridge. In a world of off-pitch screamers, hard-rocking […]

  3. champ Says:

    alter bridge is the greatest band of the world today, no doubt about that. their performance in both albums simply priceless and speechless.its just amazing. and lyrics of Blackbird album is much better than anyother album in the world. they simply rock. creed was on of the greatest bands in the world but alter bridge is only greatest band in the world today. in my opinion if these guyz work together like that for next 10 years im sure that they will be favourite of every muzik fan in the world. and they will dominate every band.

    alter bridge rocks.

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