Amateur by Lasse Gjertsen – Another must see video

My brother brought this video to my attention, and I can’t get the tune/beat out of my mind. In the video, Gjertsen just edits together a bunch of single drum beats and notes on the piano into a really cool sounding song. And keep in mind while you watch that he doesn’t know how to play the piano or the drums. This is my current favorite youtube video.


5 Responses to “Amateur by Lasse Gjertsen – Another must see video”

  1. video Says:

    Thanx for video

  2. Daniel Wiese Says:

    Which brother are you referring to?

    Check out this video. i think you will enjoy it.

  3. few4th Says:

    Yes, that would be you that showed me this video. Cool link too.

  4. Frank’s Blog Another video for your viewing pleasure - Kitchen Diaries « Says:

    […] August 18th, 2007 — few4th Here’s another video, like the Lasse Gjertsen one I previously posted, that is very unique and quite addicting.  I’ve probably watched this one a dozen times.  […]

  5. Brett Says:

    First, I just wanted to say thanks for video.

    Second, that rocked. Whoever showed you this must be the most informed man on the planet.

    Third, see point 1.

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