Season 7 of 24 in trouble?

Looks like all is not well in the land of 24.  Michael Ausiello from TV Guide is reporting that the executives at Fox have scrapped the storyline of the next season of 24, just before production was set to begin.  Apparently, some of the episodes were going to be filmed in Africa, and the higher-ups decided that was going to cost too much.  So basically the writers have to come up with a whole new idea for the season, and fast.  They say this will delay production by about three weeks. 

What I don’t understand is why this came down at the very last second, right before they were going to begin production.  It seems that there would some kind of communication between the writers, producers, and Fox execs about the ideas for season 7.  If that were happening, the execs could have put the brakes on the whole Africa idea earlier in the process, thereby giving the writers a little more time to come up with something new.  Now, the writers will be scrambling to come up with a new storyline and script.  After the season 6 disappointment, 24 needs to have a well thought out story with fresh plot elements.  We’ll jut have to hope they can pull it off, but things are not exactly off to the best start.


2 Responses to “Season 7 of 24 in trouble?”

  1. Daniel Wiese Says:

    Yo Bro, I’ve bookmarked your blog. Now I get to enter into your mind…that’s only slightly frightening.

  2. few4th Says:

    Daniel – prepare to be enlightended and have all your wildest dreams come true.

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