Thundercats coming to the big screen!?

Could it be?  Warner Brothers has picked up a script for a feature film version of my favorite cartoon series ever, Thundercats.  The current script focuses on Lion-O as he becomes the leaders of the Thundercats.  Of course, I’m sure that the other series mainstays, like Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara and Mumm-Ra, would be in the movie as well.  Oh, I hope this movie ends up making it to the big screen, and I hope its done well.  Check out the story here.

Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats Ho! 


One Response to “Thundercats coming to the big screen!?”

  1. bw64 Says:

    hear the magic . . . feel the roar . . . thundercats are loose . . . i hope so.

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