The Best Television Shows of 2006-07

The guys at Yahoo! TV have put together their list of the top 15 shows of this past season.  I don’t watch a lot of these shows, but I always enjoy a good “best of” list.  My top 3 shows for this season are:

  1. Lost – The first half of this season was certainly not up to Lost standards, but they’ve gone and totally redeemed themselves the last couple of months.  The interaction between Locke and Ben, Sawyer and daddy, and of course the Jacob episode have helped bring Lost back to level where it needs to be.  Maybe the most popular show ever with such a large cult following.
  2. Heroes – Without a doubt, this is my favorite new TV show.  It takes a bit of a page out of the Lost playbook by trying to make you solve the mysteries of the show.  The biggest difference is that Heroes moves at a faster pace, giving us more substantial answers as we go along, and basically resolving everything by the end of the season.  Of course, they throw some cliffhangers in there at the end to try and bring us back next year, and yes, I’ll be back.
  3. 24– In my opinion, season 6 was the worst season of 24 yet.  Even with that being the case, its still one of the only shows that I won’t miss.  Jack Bauer is definitely one of my favorite characters ever.  Let’s hope the show’s writers follow through with their promise to give Jack a change of scenery for next season.

One Response to “The Best Television Shows of 2006-07”

  1. onesorryblog Says:

    Enjoyed your post. I’d bet you’d enjoy reading what the Network TV Slut had to say pre-finale on One Sorry Blog.

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