Thoughts on last night’s Lost – Greatest Hits

Compared to last week’s episode, this week seemed pretty tame, but there were a couple of interesting developments in this Charlie-centric episode.  I won’t try and give a complete summary of the episode, just a couple of highlights.

Most of the questions raised in this episode surround the Looking Glass station, which I’ll get to in a second.  The other interesting thing I didn’t catch involved the flashback where Charlie saved the girl from getting mugged.  It turns out that that woman was Nadia, Sayid’s childhood sweetheart.  Not sure what the significance of this connection is, just interesting.

Concerning the underwater Looking Glass station, Juliet tells the losties that Ben is using that station to block any signals from leaving the island.  Hence, the reason that they are unable to communicate with the outside world.  Juliet also says that Ben said that the station was flooded in some kind of an accident.  Well, it turns out that the station is not only not flooded, but it also is inhabited.  When Charlie gets down there, two women storm out with guns drawn.  I wanted to tell him to keep it down.  He was being awfully noisy.

Two questions.  First, who is lying?  Ben? or Juliet?  Ben either lied to Juliet about the station being flooded, or Juliet knew otherwise and lied to Jack and the gang.  If Juliet is lying, why would she be doing so?  Maybe she’s trying to lead them into a trap, or maybe she knows that there is a chance to get off the island if they can get to that station.  Why would Ben lie about it?

The second question is who are the women in the Looking Glass station?  Could be from the original hostile group that overtook the Dharma group.  Could be leftover Dharma folks.  Or maybe they are something completely different.  One theory is that the blonde in the station is Annie, Ben’s childhood friend from the Dharma initiative.  I’ve also read that the brunette looks kinda like Cassidy, Sawyer’s con turned love interest.  That seems a little far fetched.  I can’t think of any reason that Cassidy would be there, but who knows.

One final thought; if the purpose of going down to the underwater station was to shut off the “signal blocker”, why didn’t they just try the easy thing first and cut the cable that ran from the beach to the Looking Glass?  They were under the impression that the station was flooded, and therefore was basically useless, so in their minds there shouldn’t have been any harm in cutting or blowing up that cable to see if that would work.

Another good episode.  I can’t wait to see how “everything changes” in next week’s finale. 

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3 Responses to “Thoughts on last night’s Lost – Greatest Hits”

  1. johndobbs Says:

    Yes, that’s what I was thinking about the cable…just cut it. Great recap….I didn’t catch the Nadia connection. duh on me!

  2. few4th Says:

    thanks for taking a look brother. I didn’t catch the Nadia connection at first either.

  3. TLE Says:

    I think Juliet may actually be telling the truth for a change. She has done some rotten things in order to try to get Ben to let her leave the island. But now that she knows the Losties better, I am thinking she trusts them and is willing to let her guard down and actually try to speak the truth to Jack. I don’t necessarily trust her however. She would do anything to get off the island.
    The girls at the Looking Glass are people we have not met before. I am guessing they may be a group of women who are watching over the children that have been abducted/cared for by the Others.

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