Who is Jacob?

If you haven’t watched last night’s Lost, then don’t read on, but if you did then you are probably asking yourself this question: Who is Jacob?  The episode last night (May 9), introduced us to the mostly invisible Jacob.  I didn’t even catch it as I was watching the episode, but Jacob actually did make a very brief appearance for about one second.  There are lots of theories floating around out there about who he could be.  Here are few I’ve heard about:

  • Jacob is Locke.  If you look at the pics of Jacob and compare them to Locke, they definitely do resemble one another.  Jacob looks a little like Locke with a wig on.  Maybe this is Locke in a different time?
  • Ben is schizophrenic.  There really is no Jacob.  This is highly unlikely, since we did see a shot of Jacob for a second.
  • Jacob is the smoke monster.  Not sure this really makes any sense.  Maybe they aren’t one and the same, but are related to each other.  Jacob seems to be trapped, but the smoke monster seems to move around the island freely.  One thing that is interesting is that when Locke turns the flashlight on, all heck breaks loose.  Maybe there’s some relationship between technology and Jacob.  Have we ever seen the smoke monster around any kind of modern technology?  We do know that smokey had a big problem with the sonic barrier.  Perhaps smokey and Jacob are both affected by electricity or technology.  Jacob seemed to gain power when the flashlight was turned on, but smokie seemed be adversly affected by the sonic barrier.  Not sure where I’m going with this, its just a thought.
  • Jacob is Alvar Hanso.  Alvar is the founder of the Hanso foundation and funded the Dharma Initiative.  He was in charge then, so it might make sense that he could be in charge now.  If you look at the picture of Hanso, you can see some similarities to Jacob.

There are other theories out there like Jacob being Christian Shepherd (Jack’s dad), Desmond, or Mangus Hanso (captain of the Black Rock).  Who knows what’s going on.  I would tend to think it may be one of the Hanso’s.  That probably means its really Kermit the Frog.  The producers have said there will some game changing event at the end of this season, hopefully that will involve revealing the identity of the mysterious Jacob.  Oh, and by the way, ain’t no way Locke is dead… I hope.

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3 Responses to “Who is Jacob?”

  1. drew Says:

    they definitely left us with a major question to be answered. i’m wondering how ben has access to jacob and no one else does? the technology helping jacob is an interesting theory. thanks for the comment.

  2. Memles Says:

    The technology thought is a very good one, and one I think plays into past events quite well (Perhaps the Pilot back in…the pilot was trying to radio out when Smokey took hold?)

    I don’t think it’s Locke, but it certainly could be just about anyone. One thing I read that was interesting was how Walt might have figured into all of this. His power (Not to make this sounds like Heroes), the ability to have what he thinks happen, would have played into the Others’ hands quite well in terms of willing Jacob to appear.

  3. bdunc1 Says:

    I kinda lean toward Locke being Jacob, or somehow related. And I agree, he can’t be dead.

    The Hanso connection makes sense, too.

    What I want to know is why Richard hasn’t aged!

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