Roger Clemens is a Genius

Roger Clemens has decided to return once again to play 2/3 of a season.  He signed a $28 million contract, of which he’ll receive a pro-rated amount of probably around $18 million.  I’m a huge Astros fan, so I wish he would have signed with them, but who can blame him for going with the Yankees.  The Astros are off to terrible start, and the Yankees are hovering around .500 even with a lot of injuries and pitching chaos, so they at least stand a chance this year.

This is a win-win.  The Yankees get one of the best starters out there (even though he’s old enough to get 10% off at Luby’s), and Roger gets to earn some serious dough, add to his Hall of Fame numbers, and potentially win another World Series ring.  I’m not much of a Yankees fan, but I’ll be pulling for Roger to put up some great numbers.  For my money, he’s probably one of the top 3 pitchers of all time.


7 Responses to “Roger Clemens is a Genius”

  1. bdunc1 Says:

    Top 3 pitchers of all time? I think that’s a little overboard . . . .

    I’m happy for Roger, but I wish he would just retire and let it stick. There’s nothing I hate more than someone boo-hooing about retiring, having a big press conference, talking about how it’s time for them to spend time with their family, then come back in 8 months.

  2. few4th Says:

    Hey, I agree with you about the retiring and un-retiring. At least Clemens has learned to not “retire” each year, but instead just says he might or might not come back.

  3. winstolv Says:

    Hulk Hogan is Rocket hGH Clemens.

    WWE = MLB

  4. Beppo Says:

    I don’t know that I’d say he’s a “genius”, but he did get the Yankees to give him a $28M contract, which is more than anybody else is getting. He’s been great for many years, but he is 44, and his productivity has to start going down soon.

    Being a Red Sox fan, I wish this wouldn’t have happened, but I think it’s still probable that the Yankees won’t even make the playoffs.

  5. few4th Says:

    Beppo, I agree that it will still be really tough for the Yanks to make the playoffs. The way the Red Sox are playing, they will be tough to catch, and as strong as the Central division is, it will be hard for them to earn the wild card spot. Hey, if winstolv’s comment is accurate, maybe Roger can just share some of his HGH with his teammates and that’ll do the trick.

  6. winstolv Says:

    Nope. Clemen’s teammates already do weekly injectiuons of hGH.

    And female hormones from time to time.

    To counter their daily injections of ‘T’


  7. Ozymandias Says:

    Clemens is a good pitcher, but top three…

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