Lost sets its end date


Over the last couple of months, Lost has become my favorite TV show.  Its been one of my favorite shows since it started, but its never been #1 in my book, mostly due to the fact the 24 has been so good (until this season).  The top dogs at ABC just announced that Lost will run for 3 more seasons, each consisting of 16 consecutively run episodes.   This is mostly great news.  We now know we will eventually get all the answers we want.  And we know that we get three more seasons, which I feared there wouldn’t be that many more since the ratings are starting to fall.  The only bad thing is that we only get 16 episodes per season, which means it will probably run from February to May each year.  All in all, great news and it will be fun to see the puzzle slowly get solved.

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2 Responses to “Lost sets its end date”

  1. bdunc1 Says:

    Man, I’m glad it’s gonna be around for a while, but I’m shocked it’s got that much left in it. It feels like they’re wrapping so much up now, but it seems we’re barely half-way through with it.

    Nice to see you’ve made Lost #1 – I knew you’d come around.

  2. lippy Says:

    Im am Sad to see it go also…one of first shows to launch the itunes video store. i want to see it end with a bang!!!

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