The Summer Movie Season Approaches

Its that time again.  Time to be overwhelmed with lots of big time movies to try and see.  I’d love to go see a movie every weekend, but with two kiddos, it gets a little tricky.  I am most excited to see Spiderman 3, Transformers, Fantastic Four 2, and Rescue Down among others. 

Just for grins, I wrote out my predictions for the top 20 movies of the summer.  What think ye? 

#1) Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – $365 million
#2) Spiderman 3 – $345 million
#3) Shrek 3 – $305 million
#4) Transformers – $295 million
#5) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – $278 million
#6) Die Hard 4 – $205 million
#7) Fantastic Four 2 – $175 million
#8) The Simpsons – $168 million
#9) Evan Almighty – $152 million
#10) Ratatouille – $145 million
#11) Ocean’s Thirteen – $138 million
#12) Surf’s Up – $135 million
#13) I now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry – $133 million
#14) The Bourne Ultimatum – $121 million
#15) Rush Hour 3 – $115 million
#16) Knocked Up – $98 million
#17) Rescue Down – $95 million
#18) Underdog – $86 million
#19) 28 Weeks Later – $74 million
#20) Nancy Drew – $68 million

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7 Responses to “The Summer Movie Season Approaches”

  1. mattgunn Says:

    I can’t really argue with any of those predictions. Great job… I think you’ll come very close. I do however, think there’s a chance Spiderman 3 will beat out Pirates. It’ll be a very close call, though.


  2. few4th Says:

    I agree that Spiderman 3 could end up being #1. I think it has an advantage being the first big movie to be released, and it doesn’t have any major competition until Shrek 3 comes out two weeks later. That probably means it will earn a ton of money the first two weeks. Pirates 2 did so well though, that I just couldn’t bring myself to put Spiderman ahead of Pirates 3.

  3. bdunc1 Says:

    Shrek 3 will outdo Spiderman 3. Interesting that there are so many trilogy-enders launching at once. Pirates will still end up #1, though.

    I think the Simpsons will be a bigger surprise and actually outdo Transformers.

  4. lippy Says:

    I should call it the summer of sequels…I dont think transformers will do that well. I am looking forword to seeing all the sequels especially Borne . Sherk 3 as a comedy will outdo all of em. ill post my blog about it soon

  5. bdunc1 Says:

    By the way, are your numbers for United States only? Or worldwide?

  6. few4th Says:

    bdunc, My numbers are for US only. I may as well go ahead and send my predictions to the NY Times, so they can go ahead and get their summer movie season summary article done.

  7. Brett Says:

    Dude, not bad. You almost nailed the top 5 down to the number (except for missing #1, of course). Check it here:

    You underestimated the power of Wild Hogs!

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