Thoughts on the Lost Season Finale: Through the Looking Glass

I’m a few days late getting this post up, but there was so much to process in the 2-hour finale, that I couldn’t summon the energy to think through it all.  I think I’ve finally got my mind around the episode, so I’ll just comment on some of the most interesting and important parts of the episode. 

Flash forwards – Well, the producers of the show promised a big change in the season finale, and I guess this was it.  Instead of the flashbacks giving us a glimpse of a characters past, in this case they were showing us the future.  I never caught on, but I kept asking myself “when was Jack this messed up?”  Even when Kate showed up at the end, I didn’t immediately realize that we were looking at the future.  Now, the question is, will the flash forwards be the norm next season?  Or maybe next season, they will focus on the present, and flash back to the island?  Or maybe the flash forwards are just one potential version of the future depending on what choices are made on the island.  I’ve got to think that the happenings on the island will still be the main focus, since their are still tons of questions to be answered.

Jack goes to funeral of an unknown person – This happened during his flash forward.  He went to the funeral of an unidentified person at the Hoffs/Drawlar funeral parlor (Hoffs/Drawlar is an anagram for “flash forward” by the way).  Jack is the only person that shows up and the guy working at the parlor asks if Jack was a friend or family?  Jack said neither.  So the question is, who is in the casket?  Could it be Ben, Locke, Walt or Michael?  Or maybe its someone we haven’t met yet.

Jack references his dad being alive still – Towards the end of the episode, in the flash forward, Jack is confronted about being drunk or on drugs, and he tells them to go get his dad and see if he is any worse than him.  Of course, we know that Jack’s dad is dead, that is why he was on the plane that crashed.  Either something has changed the past/future and his dad is still alive, or Jack is just really wasted.  I’d lean towards thinking that Jack is just losing it.

Jack meets Kate at the end – Obviously, they both get off island.  The first question I’ve got is, why is Kate not in jail?  Kate also said something about needing to get back so “he” doesn’t worry.  I wonder who she was referring to.  Maybe she’s with Sawyer in the future?

Jack is searching for the island so he can return –  Would he not know where the island was if they were rescued?  Maybe they get taken off the island by the people on the boat offshore, and they aren’t ever allowed to know exactly where they were.  Perhaps these new people, or Dharma, reinstate the measures that were used to hide the island from the outside world.

Charlie dies – Charlie was never my favorite, but it was kinda sad to see him go.  It seems like he could have just locked the door from the outside, or at least tried to squeeze through the window after the room flooded.  I guess he thought that he had to die for Claire and her kiddo to get off the island.  Also, how is it that Penny was able to communicate through The Looking Glass computers?  Could be that her family is part of the original Dharma initiative.  At least Charlie was able to let Desmond know that the boat was not Penny’s.

Locke kills Naomi – He hasn’t been willing to kill up to this point.  Why the change?  It seems that he is much more in tune with the island or with Jacob or with whatever the power of the island is.  Either he is doing the bidding of Jacob or the island, or he is just desperate to stay on the island due to its healing properties.  I think there’s definitely more to it than him just wanting to be able to walk.

No sign of Jacob yet, unless Walt was Jacob…. – Walt made an appearance, although he looks more like an NBA power forward now.  I don’t know if it was the real Walt.  Maybe it was Jacob or the smoke monster in disguise.

Who is on the boat that Jack called? – Are they really the bad guys like Ben said?  Or did Ben just say that to try and keep the island secret?  Could be that season 4 is very much about this new group of people who are about to come to the island.

There was other good stuff this episode like Hurley saving the day with the van, Sawyer shooting Tom in semi-cold blood, and Mikhail once again recovering from a crazy injury.  I wonder if the grenade finally did the trick?


Carlton Cuse on Season 4 of Lost

Carlton Cuse, executive producer of Lost, has revealed just a bit of what we will see next season on Lost.  You might remember the four-toed statue from the finale of season 2.  We are supposed to get more info on that mystery next season.  More importantly, Cuse says “There will definitely be a lot more of Jacob in Season 4.”  Too bad we have to wait until next February to see any of it….

The Best Television Shows of 2006-07

The guys at Yahoo! TV have put together their list of the top 15 shows of this past season.  I don’t watch a lot of these shows, but I always enjoy a good “best of” list.  My top 3 shows for this season are:

  1. Lost – The first half of this season was certainly not up to Lost standards, but they’ve gone and totally redeemed themselves the last couple of months.  The interaction between Locke and Ben, Sawyer and daddy, and of course the Jacob episode have helped bring Lost back to level where it needs to be.  Maybe the most popular show ever with such a large cult following.
  2. Heroes – Without a doubt, this is my favorite new TV show.  It takes a bit of a page out of the Lost playbook by trying to make you solve the mysteries of the show.  The biggest difference is that Heroes moves at a faster pace, giving us more substantial answers as we go along, and basically resolving everything by the end of the season.  Of course, they throw some cliffhangers in there at the end to try and bring us back next year, and yes, I’ll be back.
  3. 24– In my opinion, season 6 was the worst season of 24 yet.  Even with that being the case, its still one of the only shows that I won’t miss.  Jack Bauer is definitely one of my favorite characters ever.  Let’s hope the show’s writers follow through with their promise to give Jack a change of scenery for next season.

Future Hall of Fame Second Basemen

Future Hall of Fame Baseball Player Series:

  1. First Basemen
  2. Second Basemen
  3. Shortstops
  4. Third Basemen
  5. Outfielders – American League
  6. Outfielders – National League
  7. Catchers
  8. Starting Pitchers
  9. Closers

The are plenty of potential Hall of Fame first basemen currently in the big leagues, but at second base…. not so much. There are really only two active second basemen that have done enough in their careers to be a part of this conversation: Craig Biggio and Jeff Kent. Let’s take a look at their cases.

No Doubters

  • Craig Biggio

Craig Biggio will go down as one of the best second basemen of all time. He has quietly put together some very impressive stats.

  • 2,970 Hits – 28th all-time. In about a month, he will become the 27th player to reach 3,000 hits and if he gets another 100 hits this season, he’ll finish the season ranked 20th on the career hits list.
  • 650 Doubles – 7th all-time. If he can collect 16 more doubles in his career, he’ll pass George Brett for 5th on the all-time list.
  • 412 Stolen Bases – 61st all-time. Not super high on the leader list, but another very nice aspect to his well-rounded game.
  • 1,802 Runs – 16th all-time.

He’s also got some other interesting “bullet-point” stats. If he gets hit by a pitch 4 more times, he will become the all-time leader in that category. He’s also the only player to be an all star both as a catcher and second baseman.

When you compare him to other HOF second basemen, there is no question he belongs. Take a look at his stats verses Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg:

  Biggio Sandberg
Hits 2,970 2,386
Runs 1,802 1,318
Doubles 650 403
Triples 55 76
Home Runs 284 282
RBI 1141 1061
Stolen Bases 412 344
Walks 1147 761
Batting Average .282 .285
On Base % .366 .344
Slugging % .435 .452

Biggio beats him in every category except for triples, batting average and slugging percentage. If the voters put Sandberg in, there really is no way they can deny Biggio entry into the Hall.

Really good chance

  • Jeff Kent

As far as second basemen go, Kent is a bit of a one trick pony, but its not a bad trick. He’s the best power hitting second baseman ever. He’s got 351 career home runs, and 1,403 RBI’s. To go along with those power numbers, he’s also got 1,224 runs and 2,233 hits. He’s 38 years old, so he has maybe another couple of years of decent play left in him, which could put his RBI total over the important 1,500 mark. He also has won an MVP award, which not many second basemen can say. That always looks good on a resume. The only thing going against him is that he wasn’t know as a great defensive player, but that shouldn’t be enough to offset his offensive numbers.

Its pretty slim pickins at second base, but I think with Biggio, you’ve got a first-ballot inductee, and Kent should get in, although I’m not sure if he’ll make it his first year of eligibility.

Great blog series on having a Quiet Time

Joe Thorn is a pastor in Illinois, and he has a great series on the quiet time.  I happened upon this when I was doing some research for my small group Bible study, and thought it was better than anything I else I read of the subject of the “quiet time”.  If you are a Christian and want a better understanding of why we should spend time with God daily, and how we can be more consistent in this aspect of our Christian walk, then check it out.

24 Renewed for Two More Seasons

Fox has announced that 24 will go on for at least 2 more seasons.  This is good news.  In my opinion, 24 is one of the best television shows ever.  Admittedly, this season has been the worst of the bunch.  The other good news is that the writers of the show say there will be a change of scenery for next season, which means we might not have the same plot lines regurgitated.  Let’s hope that means no more silly love stories, i.e. Milo and Nadia.

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Thoughts on last night’s Lost – Greatest Hits

Compared to last week’s episode, this week seemed pretty tame, but there were a couple of interesting developments in this Charlie-centric episode.  I won’t try and give a complete summary of the episode, just a couple of highlights.

Most of the questions raised in this episode surround the Looking Glass station, which I’ll get to in a second.  The other interesting thing I didn’t catch involved the flashback where Charlie saved the girl from getting mugged.  It turns out that that woman was Nadia, Sayid’s childhood sweetheart.  Not sure what the significance of this connection is, just interesting.

Concerning the underwater Looking Glass station, Juliet tells the losties that Ben is using that station to block any signals from leaving the island.  Hence, the reason that they are unable to communicate with the outside world.  Juliet also says that Ben said that the station was flooded in some kind of an accident.  Well, it turns out that the station is not only not flooded, but it also is inhabited.  When Charlie gets down there, two women storm out with guns drawn.  I wanted to tell him to keep it down.  He was being awfully noisy.

Two questions.  First, who is lying?  Ben? or Juliet?  Ben either lied to Juliet about the station being flooded, or Juliet knew otherwise and lied to Jack and the gang.  If Juliet is lying, why would she be doing so?  Maybe she’s trying to lead them into a trap, or maybe she knows that there is a chance to get off the island if they can get to that station.  Why would Ben lie about it?

The second question is who are the women in the Looking Glass station?  Could be from the original hostile group that overtook the Dharma group.  Could be leftover Dharma folks.  Or maybe they are something completely different.  One theory is that the blonde in the station is Annie, Ben’s childhood friend from the Dharma initiative.  I’ve also read that the brunette looks kinda like Cassidy, Sawyer’s con turned love interest.  That seems a little far fetched.  I can’t think of any reason that Cassidy would be there, but who knows.

One final thought; if the purpose of going down to the underwater station was to shut off the “signal blocker”, why didn’t they just try the easy thing first and cut the cable that ran from the beach to the Looking Glass?  They were under the impression that the station was flooded, and therefore was basically useless, so in their minds there shouldn’t have been any harm in cutting or blowing up that cable to see if that would work.

Another good episode.  I can’t wait to see how “everything changes” in next week’s finale. 

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